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HFE - Profiling the European Health Workforce of Tomorrow

Brussels (Belgium), 05.12.2019

Friday 6 December 2019

The paper profiles of the health worker of the future, identifying the core …

Dear colleagues,

I am happy to share with you the final version of the paper “Profiling the European Health Workforce of Tomorrow” launched 5 December 2019 at 12:00. Thanks again to those who have contributed with their inputs and valuable feedback!

As you know, the working paper reflects the results of our 12 month journey started with the setting up our HFE working group on health care workforce (launched last February) towards the Espoo’s workshop on workforce’s core competences and the European Parliament’s Roundtable debate “A Health Care Workforce for the Digital Age”. The paper profiles of the health worker of the future, identifying the core competences required in the emerging models of care and outlining gaps in the current workforce educational and profession pathways, and highlight the policy changes necessary to support health workers in the transformation of care.

The paper is attached, also available at the HFE Website

Thanks again for your contribution to paper! We felt it well reflects our common vision for the future of health care workforce in Europe and our joint calls to foster innovative approaches to health care delivery for the benefits of the patients, professionals and health care systems.

The paper will be presented at the next Eurofedop Trade Council Health Services in 2020.

Kind regards,

Bert Van Caelenberg
Secretary General Eurofedop
Vicepresident HFE

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