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Ukraine - the warning issued by VOST “VOLYA” becomes true – the rights of workers and trade unions under attack after the presidential and parliamentary elections

Monday 27 January 2020

Statement of VOST “VOLYA” of 9 January 2020

VOST “VOLYA” claimed that, if Zelenskyi and the party he belongs to, “Servant of the people”, won the elections, the rights of workers and trade unions would be under serious threat and, unfortunately, that scenario is becoming true.

The new law that has been drafted, “On Labour”, limits the rights of workers and trade unions. Employees can be dismissed without any grounds at the employer’s wish and without severance pay. And there is almost no mentioning of trade unions. The employer has an important if not the whole say in who will represent the workers.

VOST “VOLYA” is of the view that the challenges of the new century - digitalisation, robotisation, new forms of employment -, make it necessary for labour legislation to be adapted, but this must be a well-considered, balanced process and not a way to promote, in particular, the interests of the oligarchs.

The current Code of Labour Laws (CLL) of Ukraine should be improved by making necessary changes which don’t violate (don’t limit) the rights of workers and trade unions.

VOST “VOLYA” is the All-Ukrainian Union of Workers Solidarity and operates as independent democratic trade union association, whose activity is based on the universal principles of Christian morality. Its headquarters are in Lviv, Ukraine (tel. +380 50 694 5924).

VOST “VOLYA” is member of EUROFEDOP.

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