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Development of human resources in the Civil Service in Portugal

Lisbon (Portugal), 18-19.05.2017

Monday 23 October 2017

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Report by Klaus Hartmann, head of the administrative academy and deputy head of the Civil Service of Austria

"Human resources development and human resources management in public services" have been the item of an international conference which took place under the title "Gestão das Pessoas na Administração Pública" in Lisbon, Portugal. National and international experts took part in the debates.

The public service of Portugal tries to recover from the severe effects it had to endure from the economic and financial crisis by introducing modern means of personnel management and public administration.

In the course of the meeting, the Civil Service of Portugal and other European countries was compared with the personnel management within international companies such as Banco Santander and Unilever. It was noticed that there are rather similarities than differences in personnel management within big organisations.

Workers’ motivation, well-being at work, open communication, continuous training are all important factors of success in the field of personnel management. Besides, this was also confirmed by a representative from the OECD.

On behalf of Eurofedop, Klaus Hartmann took the floor and gave more information about various models as they exist in European countries, among which the model of social partnership as it functions in Austria is worth specially mentioning.

Klaus Hartmann

Fátima Fonseca (moderator), Director Human Resources of the City of Lisbon, Klaus Hartmann, Representative of EUROFEDOP, Joana Ramos, Director-General of the Directorate-General of Public Administration and Employment of Portugal

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