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PostEurop Plenary Assembly

Vienna, 12-13.09.2007

Tuesday 25 September 2007

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On 12 and 13 September Bert Van Caelenberg was invited to the Plenary Assembly of PostEurop, taking place in Vienna. The meeting was entitled ‘The road from Vilamoura to Vienna and beyond’ and dealt with the main achievements of the association’s strategy since the Vilamoura plenary. The meeting provided the opportunity for all postal managers from across Europe to meet, discuss and exchange their views on the future of the industry.

A word of welcome was given by Edouard Dayan, former president of the European Social dialogue committee and currently Director General of the International Bureau of UPU. Mr. Laurent Zylberberg, Director of Social International Relations France Télécom and Chairman of the Employment, Health and safety working group ETNO, shared his views on European and French telecoms issues.

The discussions about the role of the consumer in the postal and telecoms sector brings us to the question whether the consumer (or client, end-user) is the ‘raison-d’être? In this case the culture of the entire company changes. Simultaneously it raises the question what the role of the state is/should be? The state seems to have multiple roles of owner, client, arbitrator, and regulator. Innovations within the sector are taking place at a high pace. Trade unions play an important role within the European economic and social model. They point to the social responsibility of companies. Lately however, the role of NGOs has become increasingly important. They are using effective campaigns to directly influence multinationals in their political strategies.

The meeting of PostEurop offered the possibility to establish contacts with CEO’s of different European postal companies such as Deutsche Post, TNT, La Poste, Malta Post and Magyar Posta. Within the structure of PostEurop they appear to have an influential vision for the European postal industry. Within the European Social Dialogue there is a need for strong but above all representative social partners from the postal sector. Colleague J. Peterson from UNI was also present. Together with Eurofedop this meant that the employees in the European postal sector were wholly represented at the very most.

Under the guidance of president Bernard Damiens and Secretary General Ingemar Persson, the meeting was very well organised. On behalf of Eurofedop I wish them all the best in their work for PostEurop and I am thankful for the possibility to participate in this meeting.

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