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Knut Paul is re-elected President at the 21st Congress of the BGV

Germany, 26-28.09.2007

Monday 8 October 2007

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At the 21st Congress of the BGV, Knut Paul was re-elected President for the next four years. In the presence of Hermann Feiner, president of the EPU (European Police Union), and eminent Parliament Members, Paul presented a positive balance of the trade union activities in the past period.

The delegates noted that the constant threat of international terrorism and the forthcoming extension of the Schengen area to the neighbouring countries Poland, Czechia and Switzerland have an effect and put pressure on the current security situation in Germany and Europe.

For the national Police, this means that they will have to deal with the challenge of an extensive reorganisation in the years to come.

At the new inner borders, a more workable security system for the fight against illegal migration has to be installed and, in this respect, special attention has to be given to sensitive sectors such as railways and air transport.

About 8000 transfers of workers are planned within the framework of reform. The police trade union BGV will actively accompany the people concerned by those transfers, so that acceptable social solutions may be found.

The international responsibility of the police will increase as well. National police officers will to an increasing extent be deployed for international missions, multilateral police actions and actions within the framework of FRONTEX. Therefore, it will be important that, also in the future, the police trade union BGV will be firmly anchored in the European alliance of police trade unions, the EPU. This was what the delegates decided and laid down in a conclusion.

Knut Paul, Bundesvorsitzenden bgv

Knut Paul, President of BGV



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