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Health care provision hot item at ‘Open days’

Brussels, 08-11.10.2007

Thursday 11 October 2007

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The ‘biggest event on the regional calendar’ took place in Brussels this week, from 8 to 11 October in different European buildings. The European week of regions and cities emphasises the European integration based on regional solidarity and social and economic cohesion. This event brings together nearly 5000 participants from all over Europe, representing 212 regions and cities in 33 countries. Other stakeholders like NGO’s and European associations are welcome too.

Eurofedop participated in a workshop entitled ‘Strategies of regions to meet challenges in healthcare’ on 9 October. Representatives from several European regions presented the (financial) arrangements of health care in their regions. Dr. Eloy Jimenez Cantos explained the reforms in the organising, managing and financing of the Valencian health care system (Spain). Mr. Eric Maurincomme spoke on behalf of Mr. Gunther Nolte, CIO of the Groupe Vivantes in Berlin. After an interesting speech on the usage of ICT in healthcare (information exchange, e-health) he stressed the importance of involving all levels in this process. The key component in implementation, Mr. Maurincomme stated, is to ask those who have to use the electronic methods, including the nurses and the doctors, for cooperation in this matter. From scratch, these people as well as the management and other layers within the hospital, need to be involved and kept up to date.

Social inclusion, SME’s, PPP’s and migration were other topics that the ‘Open days’ dealt with this year.

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