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Conference: Social Challenges in Lithuania

Vilnius (Lithuania), 12-13.10.2007

Thursday 18 October 2007

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This was the title of the First Christian Social Week that took place in Vilnius. With 100 participants from 17 countries, and with the support of the political world, this 1st Social Week in Lithuania became a great success.

Thanks to the perfect preparation of Janina Švedienė and her LDF team, national and European experts were given the opportunity to meet and exchange ideas with one another.

The Minister of Labour and Social Affairs, the Vice-Minister of Labour and Social Affairs, speakers from the academic world, the Christian movement and trade union representatives from Lithuania and Estonia took part in the discussion on Common European Values.

Because of the themes of the economic migration, the demographic crisis and family politics, Christian social ethics and the role of Christian organisations, the conference became a conference with the greatest political significance.

Michel Coquillion, CFTC-France, spoke about the experience they have had in France for many years with the organisation of a Social Week which has in the meantime grown into a mass gathering of socially active groups.

On the second day, Bert Van Caelenberg gave a presentation on a practical European social dialogue as organised by Eurofedop. This was followed by a debate and discussion on the role of social dialogue in society.

LDF has been member of Eurofedop for ten years now. Vydas Puskepalis is member of the Executive Committee. With the organisation of this conference, LDF has proved to be a representative, recognised partner in Lithuania and we congratulate them on this.

Bert Van Caelenberg, Secretary General Eurofedop

Vydas Puskepalis, Bert Van Caelenberg

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