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EZA Seminar: Integration of disadvantaged young workers into the EU labour market

Erlbach (Germany), 02-04.11.2007

Tuesday 6 November 2007

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The results of the mid-term review of the Lisbon Strategy show that young people have profited less from inclusion and active labour market policies than other age groups. With 2007 being designated as the year of equal opportunities by the European Commission, EZA dedicated a seminar to the topic of integration of (disadvantaged) youth into the labour market.

Participants represented Belgium, Slovenia, Hungary, France, Germany, Austria, Romania, Luxemburg, The Netherlands, the Czech Republic, Belarus and Lithuania. Eurofedop was represented by Femke Beumer, Rudy Gijsen and Cindy Bourleaux, two colleagues from ACV-Transcom (Belgium).

The programme consisted of presentations given by people working in the field namely Ms. Barbara Kraus, head teacher at a school for mentally handicapped, and Ms. Inez Lutzke, warden in a home for children with disabilities. A visit to a workplace for disabled people in Klingenthal was arranged, which provided an interesting insight in the efforts that are being made to integrate this group into working life.

As a European Federation for Public Service Employees in Europe, Eurofedop is always interested in new initiatives regarding labour market integration. This seminar provided Eurofedop with insights in different programmes and initiatives to better integrate (disadvantaged) young people into the EU labour market.

The seminar took place in Hotel Haus Schwarzbachtal in the beautiful region of Vogtland, close to the border with the Czech Republic.

Cindy Bourleaux and Rudy Gijsen (ACV Transcom), Femke Beumer (Eurofedop)

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