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Police union ACP initiates protest actions

The Netherlands December 2007 (19.12.2007)

Saturday 22 December 2007

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Dutch Police Union ACP demands 200 euro net additional payments for every police officer. Minister of the Interior Ms. Ter Horst proposes an increase of 5,75%. This offer is unacceptable to the ACP (and other unions included). The ACP therefore decided to undertake industrial actions last week. Police officers conducting border traffic control between Belgium and the Netherlands ceased their activities last week on Wednesday night.

Over the weekend, police officers refused to work at two major football matches including main clubs such as Feyenoord and Ajax. Following these events, other Unions now also joined the ACP in their struggle for higher salaries for police officers. This means that we can speak of a national protest action of the police personnel in the Netherlands. It should be stressed, however, that ACP is trying to have actions that are ‘friendly’ towards the public, meaning that petty crimes will not be punished. For example, people crossing the red light or cycling with no lights will simply receive a warning, not a fine. The police officers also take turns, in order to guarantee that the police remains within reach and the people remain protected.

Minister ter Horst believes the unions have rushed their actions and so far, has not given an inch or made any concessions.

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