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21st Infedop Congress

Monterrey (Mexico), 17-19.03.2008

Friday 18 January 2008

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On 17 March, trade union representatives from the contintents of Africa, Latin America, North America, Asia and Europe will gather to discuss the developments within international trade unionism.

Furthermore, the representatives will be discussing three themes. First of all, a representative from CLATSEP (Latin America) will talk about ‘women and youth’. What role do they play in the labour market and which integration programmes exist? The second theme deals with the (social) market economy and the pressure that lies on public services. Finally, the delegations will discuss the effects of globalisation on trade union strategies. The different continents will present their position on each of the three themes. This way, the different continents will also create the opportunity to learn from each other’s experiences. Within these three blocks other topics will also be addressed. For instance, human resource management in public services, liberalisation of public services and the changing working conditions. We can observe a changing role of the state in some countries and this also affects the concept of public servant as such. On the other hand, the use of HR techniques and modern management methods is relatively new within the context of the public sector. It is essential to invest in the greatest capital namely the human capital.

The Congress will take place in Monterrey, Mexico.

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