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Council of Europe - Session of 21-25.01.2008

Strassburg 21-25.01.2008

Friday 15 February 2008

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Eurofedop has participated in the « winter session of the Parliamentary Assembly » and « the INGO conference » in Strassburg. The conference activities were entirely devoted to the way in which the involvement of INGOs in the Council of Europe should be restructured.

It has become very clear that the road taken four years ago will be the final road and that the INGOs have permanently acquired their place as 4th pillar of the Council of Europe, next to the Committee of Ministers, the Parliamentary Assembly and the Congress.

Eurofedop is proud to have cooperated in this very closely and explicitly. Within the framework of activities of the Parliamentary Assembly, firstly, consideration was given to the elections in Serbia and the situation in Kosovo.

The budgetary difficulties experienced by both the Council of Europe and the European Court of Human Rights remain a subject of great current importance.

The search for an optimum cooperation between the Parliamentary Assembly and the European Parliament continues, but without the achievement of many tangible results.

And finally, a new president, Lluis Maria de Puig, Spanish Socialist and very experienced politician, was appointed to replace president René van der Linden, resigning, who has been a very energetic and efficient president.

Eurofedop wholeheartedly thanked him for the excellent cooperation.

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