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Brussels (B), 02.03.2010

Wednesday 3 March 2010

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2010 : time to make an evaluation of the Bologna process. Following a presentation given by Christian Tauch (DG EAC, European Commission), the Trade Council Education of CESI, which gathered under the chairmanship of Monique Cartigny on 2 March 2010 in Brussels, discussed the current state of affairs and prospects with regard to the Bologna process, 10 years after it had been launched.

The participants observed that the implementation of the process often causes problems at national level, in particular because the necessary funds for the realisation of this ambitious programme are rarely available. Moreover, it happens that national governments make use of Bologna, merely to justify reforms which, strictly speaking, belong to the national field of interest.

The professors, who are often insufficiently involved in the implementation of reforms at national level, have questions about the future of their profession. On the one hand, they notice that their statute is under pressure and, on the other hand, that the high quality of university research is sometimes under threat. The Bologna process encourages them to be mobile, but numerous obstacles in the field of financing, recognition in the career, social security and pensions … stand in the way of this.

On their part, students are still confronted with numerous inequalities with regard to mobility opportunities. CESI hopes that the Commission communication Youth on the move, which is expected to be issued next summer, will bring about change in this respect.

CESI supports the creation of a genuine European area for higher education and research, based on ambitious objectives and equipped with the means necessary for the realisation of those objectives, such as giving the opportunity to 20 % of students to enjoy mobility measures. In order that this programme might be a success, the creation of a sectoral social dialogue committee is recommended, the aim of which would be to guarantee the participation in the Bologna process to all teachers. CECI aspires to giving its full cooperation to such a committee.

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