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Postal distribution in the Netherlands – dramatic situation !

Brussels, 20.10.2011

Thursday 20 October 2011

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Postal distribution in the Hague, in Delft or in Rotterdam is a catastrophe according to the local TV station.

Part-time postal deliverers, with low pay, do not stay in the company. The personnel turnover is 80 to 90 % per year.

As regards recruitment, the lack of staff amounts to 3000 collaborators.

BVPP notes that good collaborators do not stay in the company, they prefer to work elsewhere, where they get better pay. As, sometimes, the post which had to be delivered on Friday, is still not delivered on Sunday, the Parliament now also proceeds to action. An audition with the competent Minister is planned for mid-December. But if the job of postal deliverer remains a non-attractive job, involving the work in bad circumstances, with low pay, the trade union does not see how any improvement will establish itself before December 2011.

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