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31st Congress of the Malta Workers’ Union – UHM

Malta, 22.10.2011

Wednesday 26 October 2011

On 22nd October 2011, the UHM Congress chose a new President, Secretary General and Vice-President …

We have the best of memories of the period in which we were given the opportunity to cooperate with the departing officials : Joseph S. Vella, Gaetu Vella, Gaetano Tanti, … Together with this team, we walked the difficult road after the WCL had ceased to exist.

The theme of the Congress was “The Economy is for man, not man for the economy”.

In the course of the Congress, a debate was held with the three representative political parties of Malta.

The newly elected officials are Jesmond Bonello (President), Edwin Balzan (Vice-President) and Joseph Vella (Secretary General). We wish to warmly congratulate these colleagues, who have been UHM representatives in Eurofedop for many years and wish them much strength and courage in the difficult economic period which Europe and Malta are going through.

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