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Public Hearing on the right of association within the armed forces in the EU

Brussels (Belgium), 29.11.2011

Thursday 8 December 2011

European Parliament - Subcommittee on Security and Defence.

In only 8 member states of the European Union, military personnel have the right of association with collective bargaining. This situation is unacceptable and, therefore, an appeal is made to Parliament to hold a debate on this situation and consider initiatives to be taken.

Trade union representatives were given the floor and they explained that there should be no fear of lack of authority, discipline or efficiency with the organisation of trade union activities within the armed forces. Soldiers are very well aware of limitations and will live up to them. Nevertheless, they should be able to enter into discussion with the responsible authorities about social and other matters related to their involvement in the armed forces.

Members of Parliament who attended the session admitted that it was important to hold this public hearing and agreed to defend the cause of granting full rights of association to members of the armed forces within the EU.

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