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CESI Trade Council "Security" calls for solutions to tackle the violence against police and other law enforcement staff

Luxembourg, 11.05.2012

Monday 21 May 2012

Trade Council ’Security’ CESI General Secretary Klaus Heeger and Director Bert Van Caelenberg participated in a meeting of the CESI trade council "Security" held on 11 May 2012 in Luxembourg, and chaired by its Vice president Hermann Benker. The trade council members addressed the issue of violence against the police forces and …

other law enforcement staff, discussed the challenges of the Stockholm program and future developments in the Schengen area, reflected on the effects of the crisis on the work of security forces, as well as on the current state of the Working time directive.

The Trade Council expressed worry for the alarming data on the general rise of all forms of violence against the police and law enforcement services in Europe, whereas the role of state and society in the prevention of this societal problem is seemingly neglected.

CESI Trade Council "Security" therefore demanded that governments and the European society clearly stand supportive of the police forces and other security and justice bodies in charge of law enforcement, and to outlaw violence, irrespectively of its form, against the concerned staff. Members agreed that cyber-mobbing should also be considered as a way of expressing violence, and therefore addressed in the same way. To this aim, the Trade council would like to see an initiative launched by the European Commission, which should be incorporated into the action plan of the Stockholm program. It is important, the trade council held, that the issue of violence is perceived as a universal societal problem, so that the acts of violence are prosecuted with the full degree of penalty and so that victims and their families receive adequate support throughout the process.

Trade Council members also expressed their view on the Stockholm program of the European Commission aiming to establish an even more efficient European area of freedom, justice and security. However, the members argued that regardless of a positive idea behind this initiative, the Program does not adequately address the professional training requirements for the public services involved, as well that the notion of security has been presented in a rather general manner. In this regard, CESI will soon elaborate its position.

Discussing the effects of the crisis on the work of police forces, Spanish representatives regretted the current situation in Spain, where severe cuts hit salaries and benefits of police services and resulted in the significant reduction of the staff.

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