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Current situation of collective bargaining in the public administration in Slovakia

Brussels, 26.09.2012

Wednesday 26 September 2012

SLOVES reports: no salary increase in spite of higher cost of living

Our member organisation SLOVES informs us that, since 2011, salaries in the public administration and public services in Slovakia have not been increased, in spite of higher prices mainly showing in the segments of transport, health services (about 7 %), housing costs, energy and education (about 5 %). The inflation rate reached 3.7 to 3.9 %. It means that, in real salary terms, the employees in civil and public administration in Slovakia are faced with the continuing decline of their standard of living.

Representatives of the Government informed the social partners during the first collective bargaining session in the middle of June of 2012 that the financial situation of the State is very, very serious – the continuing deficit is a threat to public finance. The Government has taken several measures to increase the State’s income on the one hand and reduce the budgetary burden on the other hand, e.g. a stop in purchases in ministries and offices, etc. The trade union representatives were informed that, for this year, as well as for 2013, there is no room for salary valorisation in civil and public administration.

The discontent of the employees and of SLOVES’ members is very strong. SLOVES and trade unions representing employees in civil and public administration decided to organise a demonstration in support/help for the negotiators. It was held last week in front of the Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs and Family, before the start of the second collective bargaining session. About 350 persons took part in it. The representatives from the governmental side promised to speak with the Minister of Finance. The trade unions will be informed about the results in October – after the State’s budget drafting.

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