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EP Water Group - The 2012 Blueprint to Safeguard Europe’s Water Resources

Brussels, European Parliament, 14.11.2012

Monday 19 November 2012

The founder and president of the EP Water Group is Richard Seeber, MEP, Austria.

Water is a precious good and is used for various purposes, for drinking, washing, but also for agriculture and industry. The supply of clean and safe water is not guaranteed everywhere in the world, but, in this respect, Europe is privileged as drinking water facilities have been available here for centuries. Water resources need to be managed wisely, so that their supply is ensured for the current and future generations.

Following the publication by the European Commission of “A Blueprint to Safeguard Europe’s Water Resources” (Com(2012) 673 final) on 14.11.2012, the EP Water Group set up a meeting to discuss the situation of water resources in the European Union. Eurofedop was represented by secretary general Bert Van Caelenberg. The purpose of the blueprint is to improve the implementation of the existing water policy and better integrate it into other fields such as agriculture.

Commissioner Janez Potočnik, responsible for the Environment, had a meeting with the press to give a presentation of the blueprint on 14.11. 2012. He stated that our European waters are not doing well. Renewed efforts are needed at practically all levels and the purpose of the blueprint is precisely to direct those efforts where they are needed. It was also announced that the Commission will look into a regulation for water re-use standards.

The video with speech from Janez Potočnik can be viewed on:

- Direct link to the video speech
- General link to the EU newsroom

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