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Second reading of ‘Protection of Workers Bill’

United Kingdom – House of Commons, 2nd February 2013

Monday 7 January 2013

The UK Parliament will vote in second reading on the ‘Protection of Workers Bill’ on 2nd February 2013. The aim of the Bill is to cut violence, threats and abuse against public facing workers in both public and the private sector.

The initiative was introduced on the 30th October 2012 by Graeme Morrice labour MP for Livingston. When Mr Morrice introduced the Bill he said “anyone who assaults or abuses someone as they go about their work, should face the full force of the law. This Bill addresses the real day to day experience of verbal and physical assaults that is all too common to many thousands of public facing workers across the U.K. This Bill would impact on the lives of hundreds of thousands who face verbal and physical assaults at work each year. It would help to ensure that the public look at these group of workers differently and that, those who fail to treat them with the appropriate respect are properly punished.”

Finally, a 10 year trade union campaign on assaults on workers may thus be completed successfully in the UK.

POA/Eurofedop members will appeal to their respective MPs to support the Bill.

Eurofedop welcomes this evolution in the UK and refers to this initiative as part of its struggle to promote “the quality of the working life” in Europe.

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