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CoE - Collective Complaints Brochure 2013

Tuesday 30 April 2013

To all member organisations of EUROFEDOP.

Eurofedop is one of the International Non Governmental Organisations (INGOs) with participatory status, entitled to …

introduce complaints against violations of the European Social Charter. This Charter is a Treaty of the Council of Europe, aimed at the protection of the economic and social human rights of European citizens. A brochure has been composed, in which clarification is given on the Charter, in particular as regards the procedure of introducing complaints, the examination of those complaints and what happens if a country is judged to be in breach of the provisions of the Charter?

Per definition, complaints have to be introduced collectively, by national social partners, by European social partners or by INGOs holding participatory status with the Council of Europe. Individuals are not allowed to introduce complaints.

Collective Complaints Brochure 2013 - EN
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Collective Complaints Brochure 2013 - FR
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