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POA (UK) Rally and Lobby of Parliament

London (UK), 19.03.2014

Monday 17 March 2014

The next general elections in the United Kingdom will be held in May 2015. Rally and Lobby of Parliament. 10:00hrs March commences from Trafalgar Square (Whitehall end) to Westminster - 11:00hrs Rally at Methodist Central Hall, Westminster

The POA (Prison Officers’ Association) wishes to put pressure on all political parties and make sure that, in the first place, these are aware of the problems which the Criminal Justice System and particularly prisons and secure psychiatric hospitals in the United Kingdom are confronted with and, above all, that they make the right commitments in the manifestos which they will draw up as their political statements for the 2015 elections and beyond.

In order to officially start its trade union campaign, the POA will hold a mass rally and lobby of Parliament on 19 March 2014. In the morning, the trade union will march from Trafalgar Square past Downing Street to the Houses of Parliament and round Parliament Square to Westminster, where the rally will start at 11:00 am in the Methodist Central Hall. In the afternoon, the rally participants, members of the POA will have personal contacts with their locally elected Members of Parliament in the House of Commons.

The POA campaign will focus on four subjects: 1. 68 is too late a year for pensions 2. violence in the workplace 3. privatisation of public services and prisons and 4. pay.

Links will be made between these four subjects and problems in relation to budget cuts, prison closures, terms and conditions of employment, personal protective equipment, overcrowding, mental health issues, etc.

The POA makes a strong appeal to all trade union members for participating in the rally and making a formal request to their local MPs for granting them a personal conversation in the House of Commons on 19 March. For the purpose of making this request, a draft letter is made at their disposal.

Eurofedop wishes to show its solidarity with the POA campaign and will be present on 19 March with a delegation composed by secretary general Bert Van Caelenberg and members from Ireland and Austria.

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