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European Platform to improve prevention and deterrence of undeclared work

Wednesday 23 April 2014

The European Commission has proposed today the creation of a European Platform to improve cooperation at EU level in order to prevent and deter more effectively undeclared work, a phenomenon that causes serious damage to working conditions, fair competition and public budgets.

The new Platform would bring together all enforcement bodies involved in tackling undeclared work, such as labour and social security inspectorates and tax and migration authorities, as well as other stakeholders, such as EU-level representatives of employers and employees.

The proposal envisages that all Member States should be members of the Platform, as undeclared work affects all of them, and joint participation of all EU countries is crucial to address cross-border situations.

The Platform would fill a vacuum at the EU level, where until now undeclared work is discussed sporadically and in an uncoordinated way in different committees and working groups. It would allow for more effective cooperation between those who deal with undeclared work on the ground every day.

The new Platform would:

- provide a forum where experts could share information and best practices, thereby expanding the limited contacts existing so far
- explore national and EU tools to face shared problems, such as the related phenomenon of bogus self-employment and undeclared work in subcontracting chains
- tackle cross-border aspects by, for example, exploring ways to improve data exchanges between national administrations
- strengthen operational cooperation such as joint training sessions, exchanges of staff and joint inspections
- develop common principles and guidelines for inspections to tackle undeclared work
- increase awareness of the problem through common activities such as European campaigns and adopting regional or EU wide strategies The proposal for a Decision establishing a European Platform will now be sent to the European Parliament and the Council for adoption.

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