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Transfair - First Congress Post/Logistics - Enthusiasm and renovation

Schönenwerd (Switzerland), 21.03.2014

Friday 25 April 2014

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The signs of a new departure within the branch of Post/Logistics have become more and more noticeable in the course of the event.

The president of Transfair, Chiara Simoneshi-Cortesi, insisted on the importance of a public service which is devoted to offering the same quality performance at the same price to the whole of the country’s population: that is the principle of postal activities.

What are the opportunities of Swiss Post on the market? Pierre-Yves Caboussat, guest speaker, underlined that the signs given by the market and the clientele should be recognised in time as key factors for future innovations.

Unanimously and under the assembly’s applause, the sectoral Congress chose Thomas Hürbin, Jürgen Merz, Mirco Corazza, Rofl Häberlei and Regina Blänkner as members of the new branch committee. Full support was also given to the adjustments asked for in the fields of tasks, competences and responsibilities of the sectoral organisation and its bodies.

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