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Monday 30 May 2016

EUROFEDOP shows solidarity with the Public Service Trade Unions of Belgium

On Tuesday, 31st May 2016, the Public Service Trade Unions of Belgium are organising a big rally in Brussels, the Capital of Belgium, to protest against the continuing austerity measures planned by the Belgian and Flemish Governments.

Enough austerity. Enough cutting down on services. Enough cancellation of services.

Public services want to serve the public. The Belgian employees of public services, members of the Public Service Trade Unions, are fed up with the policies of the Belgian and Flemish Governments which make the personnel of public services once more the targets of new austerity rounds. Civil servants, teachers, waste collectors, military staff, railway workers, health carers, mailmen and many others will step down the streets of Brussels to show their dissatisfaction and make it well-known to the politicians: enough is enough.

The employees of public services are under continuous threat of having to cope with the results of new austerity measures in terms of salary and working conditions. Personnel shortages are not resolved. Civil servants have to work longer but get less pensions. Public service institutions are being privatised. No more career interruption, while there is an urgent need for making work more workable. And once more the big silence about heavy and physically and mentally demanding professions. In this way, it is impossible for employees of public services to guarantee the quality of services to the public.

But governments don’t want to listen to arguments. Their path is the only one they want to walk on.


In order to show solidarity with the employees of public services from Belgium, Eurofedop is on strike and stops work on 31st May. The secretariat will be closed down. In this way, the Eurofedop staff wants to show that it shares the concerns of the Belgian employees of public services and underline that, instead of austerity policies in public services, policies have to be developed, focussing not on putting at risk but on guaranteeing the quality of services to the public.

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