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The quality of nurses professional life; problems and solutions. A strategy for defending nurses interests.

Galati (Romania), 03.06.2016

Tuesday 21 June 2016

The Social Research and Development Center “Solidarity” and the Federation “Health Solidarity” from Romania were hosting on 3rd of June 2016, in Galati, Romania, the most important national event organized this year, centered on the main problems of the nurses, the conference entitled The quality of nurses professional life; problems and solutions. A strategy for defending nurses interests.

Focusing the conference`s themes on the relation of professional life quality and the quality of provided care, located our approach simultaneously in the professional approaches and trade unions concerns. In other words, because the quality of professional life has a significant impact on quality of provided healthcare, the interest for quality of professional life factors, become the concern of both trade unions and professional bodies.

So, among the important topics discussed at the event we mention:

  The issue of equivalence: Clarifying the legal status of nurses who have graduated the main exam, indicating that it`s a professional certification granted by an external authority that have as a result promoting this category of nurses in the public health service in which it operates.

  Nurses payment: Presentation of actual situation of nurses payment, based on 3 social researches, concerning on the possibility of building a proper remuneration hierarchy for Health`s employees. Development of possible starting points for introducing an appropriate recognition of the importance of this profession`s work.

  Nurses duties: There is already known and it`s hard to deny the existence of a negative impact of migration on remaining public health`s colleagues. By presenting the theme we wanted to bring scientific proofs that support this point of view and also to indicate the nature of problems and provide possible solutions, based on our sociological studies.

  Employment protection of nurses: We wanted to clarify the situation of nurses who works in conditions that can be considered as hard-working groups, also identifying the opportunities related to this situation. It`s about the problem of the right of nurses to be rewarded when they work in hard conditions, benefiting from a corresponding decrease in the retirement age.

  The quality of professional life and the quality of provided healthcare: The problem of reconciling work and private life and the existence of mobbing in healthcare system. The approaching perspective it`s one of a normal system, centered on the quality of provided healthcare and also on the quality of staff`s professional life, considering the influence of the second on the first.

The great impact of the event was confirmed by the impressive presence of 300 participants from healthcare system, persons of public interest from the system and mass media, as well as the impact of massive on-line dissemination and promotion of articles and videos about the conference, which once again underlines the necessity of organizing such events through its contribution to increasing the quality of nurses professional life.

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