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Executive Committee - 28.06.2016 - Vienna

Wednesday 29 June 2016

After the dramatic events of 23.03.2016 in Brussels, the Executive Committee which had been planned on 30.03.2016, had to be postponed for practical reasons. The 82nd Executive Committee has now been held in Vienna.

The resolutions to be submitted to the Eurofedop Congress on 21.09 were discussed. Moreover, decisions had to be made with regard to the celebration of 50 years Eurofedop.

Apart from the usual items such as a survey of past activities, financial matters, …, three (3) new organisations were admitted to Eurofedop, namely HURS Confederation from Croatia, TUO of M–tel from Montenegro and VOLYA from Ukraine. As a result, the Eurofedop family is now composed of 43 national organisations and one supranational organisation (EPU-Police) from 24 European countries.

On 19-20.09.2016, Eurofedop will organise a seminar with 125 participants in Vienna. Subject: “From new public management to new public governance”. At the European Parliament session of 04-08.07.2016, contacts with European Parliament Members will take place, in preparation for the Western Balkan-Eastern European session of October in Montenegro.

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