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Council of Europe – Eurofedop’s participatory status

Monday 8 May 2017

Eurofedop has been informed by the Council of Europe’s Civil Society Division that we continue to hold the participatory status with the Council of Europe as INGO (International Non-Governmental Organisation).

As a result, we are allowed to lodge collective complaints to the European Committee of Social Rights when we are of the view that a country, having ratified the protocol on the procedure of collective complaints, fails to respect the provisions of the European Social Charter. In practice, we are contacted by one of our member organisations which informs us of the non-respect of the Charter by its national country and on which behalf we start the procedure and follow up the complaint.

In order to be granted the participatory status, we have to actively take part in the Council of Europe’s activities such as the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities and the Conference of INGOs. Moreover, we have to give publicity to the Council of Europe activities and respect and promote the Council’s values and principles. Every four years, we have to submit a report to the Secretary General of the Council of Europe on our cooperation with the Council as INGO.

Our permanent representative at the Council of Europe is Johan Vermeire, Belgium.

At our seminar in Ghent, we will discuss on 09.06 the complaints introduced by Eurofedop, together with the responsible officer of the European Social Charter in Strassburg.

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