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Fight against terrorism

Friday 22 September 2017

“The U.S. National Strategy for combating terrorism at the beginning of the XXI century”

Study by Niksa Nikodinovic, PhD, former special advisor & projects and research manager to the Police Union of Serbia.

The Police Union of Serbia is member of the EPU, the European Police Union, which is member of Eurofedop.

In his work, the author describes terrorism which has become global (through international networks) in the 21st century. With no respect at all for the life of others, terrorists commit suicidal attacks, starting with 9/11, on people in the Western world. The international community started a war on terrorism. But the U.S. and the EU did not chose the same methods to fight this war. The EU paid this dearly and became a preferential battlefield of terrorism. The Union is clearly in need of developing a new strategy on fighting terrorism.

But the U.S. is also in need of questioning the principles of its actions … The author ends his work by giving 14 recommendations on fighting terrorism.

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