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GÖD-Prison Officers Trade Union of Austria - violence against state organisms must be counteracted

Wednesday 7 February 2018

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GÖD calls for increased protection of prison staff

Vienna (OTS) - Violent attacks on prison officers are becoming increasingly common. The Prison Officers Trade Union reaffirms its long-standing demand for changes in the Penal Code and the creation of high-security departments in all prisons. The immediate removal of foreign offenders having committed violent acts against prison staff is also urgently needed. "Only in this way can this spiral of increasing violence against state organisms be counteracted," emphasises Albin Simma, chairman to the Prison Officers Trade Union of the GÖD (Gewerkschaft Öffentlicher Dienst, Public Services Trade Union).

Within a few days, two assaults against the staff of prisons occurred in Graz-Karlau Prison. A violent inmate wounded 5 officers, one of them seriously. Shortly thereafter, 7 other officers were injured after an inmate lit a fire. "Attacks on colleagues should not be regarded as a trivial offence. We prison officers are often left alone and need more backing. Verbal insults and death threats against prison staff should no longer be considered “ordinary cases of misconduct in prisons" and remain unpunished”, said Albin Simma, who concluded: "This recent incident must be an opportunity for politicians to act immediately”.

Simma Albin, Chairman to the Prison Officers Trade Union of the GÖD

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