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COVID-19, the coronavirus – BVPP (The Netherlands)

Friday 27 March 2020

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The risks run by staff employed in public services are enormous and need to be meticulously addressed.

Video safe working at PostNL

The flow of information about the coronavirus is large. Through the channels of PostNL we try to inform you as well and completely as possible about our working method and measures.

So that we continue to work in a healthy and safe manner in this special situation. Therefore, recent work instructions have been shared with you and your delivery staff.

There are many questions about the coronavirus and what that means for the working conditions. We have put the most frequently asked questions to Professor of Virology Eric van Gorp of Erasmus MC.

- Video English
- Video Dutch

In this video Eric van Gorp answers the following questions:
1. Can I safely work in the PostNL buildings?
2. Why is it important to keep 1.5 meters away?
3. Is the virus transferable via mail and parcels?
4. As a delivery person, I am on the way. Is it safe to work?

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